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Oklahoma State University

American Society of Engineering Educators

Approaching Deadline

Draft papers (“review manuscripts”) may be submitted until May 30, 2017 by sending them via email to Student posters may be submitted until August 1st. Author instructions and submission links are available at the conference website. Final manuscripts will be due July 20th and student poster submissions will be due by August 1st. Manuscripts that do not meet the July 20th deadline will still be considered for presentation if received in final form prior to August 1st, but they will not be considered for the best-paper award. Page counts are not specified, but draft papers that adhere to the required ASEE format should be approximately 10 pages in length. Student poster submissions should include author information, abstract, and a pdf of the poster.

Important Dates

  • 2017 May 30: Submission deadline for review manuscripts
  • 2017 Jun 30: Comments from reviewers
  • 2017 Aug 01: Author registration deadline
  • 2017 Aug 01: Submission deadline for student posters
  • 2017 Aug 30: Early bird registration deadline for all attendees