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Oklahoma State University

FPLC- Advanced Hydraulics

Individuals aspiring to reach Level IV NICET Certification and those hoping to become registered fire protection engineers are often faced with complicated hydraulics questions during the examination process. This seminar is designed to prepare participants to attack these exam questions. The seminar will also provide an understanding of the mathematics used as the basis for computer programs that provide assistance in designing water supply systems, sprinkler systems, foam systems and water spray systems. This is not a seminar for novices. Students should understand basic hydraulic calculations for sprinkler systems and have experience using the Hazen-Williams formula. Be sure to bring an exponential calculator. The text used for the course will be Fire Protection Hydraulics and Water Supply Analysis by Professor Pat Brock. The text will be provided. Topics covered in this seminar include the following: Calculating pressure loss due to friction across simple loops, the Hardy-Cross technique for calculating losses in gridded piping systems, hydraulic calculation of sprinkler systems using velocity pressures and calculating pressure loss due to friction using the Darcy-Weisbach method

  • Elective course for Fire Protection Certificate Program