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Oklahoma State University

FPLC- Hydraulic Calculation of Automatic Sprinkler Systems And Analysis and Design of Sprinkler Systems for High Piled and Rack Storage

Course Description (Hydraulic Calculation of Automatic Sprinkler Systems):

Gain new insights into hydraulic behavior, and master the industry's preferred method of sprinkler system design. This intensive seminar reviews key fundamentals while closely analyzing NFPA 13 provisions and presents a reliable 16 step hydraulic design process. This course will guide you through the mathematical calculations required for designing or evaluating hydraulically calculated systems and in the process presents a learn-by-doing format that features practical exercises, real life examples, and meaningful interaction among field professionals.

  • Core Course for Fire Protection Certificate Program

Course Description (Analysis & Design of Sprinkler Systems for High Piled and Rack Storage):

A recommended follow-up to Hydraulic Calculations, this course examines NFPA 13 requirements for the design of sprinkler system protection of high piled and rack storage. Students are trained to recognize proper design criterion for protection and warehouses. The program emphasizes proper classification of commodities and density selection based on storage heights and arrangements, sprinkler temperature ratings, and the presence or non-presence of in-rack sprinkler types.

  • Elective Course

Course Outline (Hydraulic Calculation of Automatic Sprinkler Systems)

Course Outline (Analysis & Design of Sprinkler Systems for High Piled and Rack Storage)