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Oklahoma State University

EMC- Environmental Tank Management and Sampling

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2017 Nov 09 Tulsa, OK $149 Pay By Credit Card Bill Me

This seminar is designed to educate environmental professionals on storage tank management regulations found in EPA 40 CFR Parts 264/265 as well as understanding recommended “Best Practices” sampling techniques at remediation sites.

Topics Covered in Tank Management Segment:

  • Hazardous Waste Storage Tank Regulations
  • Notification Summary
  • Standards for New Operating Systems and Abandoned Tanks
  • Leak Monitoring and Detection Systems
  • Sampling Media
  • SPCC Compliance

Topics Covered in Sampling Segment:

  • Proper Sampling Methodologies
  • Decontamination of Sampling Equipment
  • Sampling Documentation and Identification
  • Analytical Concerns
  • Statistical Evaluation Methods
  • Data Interpretation

Who needs this seminar?

Any person(s) who:

  • Manages UST or AST compliance programs
  • Is responsible for UST/AST compliance reporting and/or recordkeeping
  • Is responsible for monitoring or inspection of UST/AST sites
  • Is responsible for collecting samples at remediation sites
  • Is responsible for data interpretation from sampling
  • Is preparing to take a professional certification exam (CHMM, CHMP, REM, AEP, RHCMM or CEA)