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Oklahoma State University

Online- Fire Protection Hydraulics and Water Supply Analysis

Price: $349

Good fire protection requires an adequate water supply and the credibility of a fire protection specialist is tested when it becomes necessary to establish:

  • The quantity and pressure of water needed to provide adequate fire protection
  • The ability of existing water supply systems to provide fire protection in addition to domestic and industrial requirements.
  • The adequacy of a water supply in conjunction with a particular piping system to provide effective automatic sprinkler protection.
  • Alternatives for improving deficiencies.

This course focuses on each of these points by applying the basics of fluid mechanics and the practical aspects of fire protection hydraulics. A solid foundation in fire protection hydraulics, with emphasis on testing and calculation procedures is provided by attending this course.

  • Core course for Fire Protection Certificate Program

Required Textbook:

Fire Protection Hydraulics and Water Supply Analysis, 2nd Edition, by Pat D. Brock, ISBN 0-87939-171-3 Contact Fire Protection Publications at 1-800-654-4055 and order item #36492 (hard cover) or #36315 (soft cover) or order online.

When you register for an online course, you will receive an email confirmation including a link to the OSU Online Classroom and your username and password. The course is self-paced unless otherwise noted. Download the instructional materials and view each video. Exams must be completed with a 70% or better. You will receive a Certificate of Completion when you have successfully completed the course. You have 6 months to complete the course unless otherwise noted.