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Oklahoma State University

FPLC- Fire Protection Technology Certificate

Price: $95

The Fire Protection Technology Certificate program (FPTC) is an extensive certificate program designed to guide the fire professional through training in all the major areas of fire protection. Fire protection is increasingly becoming multi-disciplinary. Quality training is essential, with more personnel taking on fire protection responsibilities everyday. The mission of the FPTC program is to serve a wide variety of fire professionals by developing a well rounded curriculum which will allow individuals to become knowledgeable in the fire protection field. This certificate program will allow individuals to expand their current background in fire protection and learn new technologies which will change fire protection for the future.

Proper training is the key to a safe organization! Whether you are seeking to increase your knowledge or explore the opportunities in fire protection, OSU's FPTC program can benefit you by helping to achieve financial advancement, promoting career advancement, exploring new career opportunities or simply documenting specialized study in the field of fire protection.

Time is on your side! Admission into the FPTC program is easy and it is possible that you could apply previous courses taken in fire protection at OSU toward this certificate program. Admission to Oklahoma State University is NOT a requirement for enrolling in the certificate program. Formal educational background is NOT necessary as long as you are able to engage meaningfully in a learning process that relies mainly on written communication.

Certification is an investment in your future! If you would like a full application and information packet on the FPTC program please contact us.

To complete the program, four core courses and two electives must be completed. Each course will be completed through CEAT Professional Development or OSU Correspondence Education and shall satisfy that course requirement. Maximum completion time is four years from the date of application enrolling in the program.

More information can be fount in the brochure below.


Fire Protection Technology Certificate Brochure